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The Future of X-ray Timing

On the occasion of the retirement of Prof. Michiel van der Klis, we are organising a conference to explore and celebrate the field to which he has dedicated his career: X-ray timing studies of compact objects.

X-ray timing is enjoying a renaissance: new physical insights, coupled with new ways to look at the data and powerful new facilities, are enabling rapid progress. The conference will focus on the observational and theoretical aspects of the key variability processes, often common to a range of compact objects (from stellar mass to supermassive).  We will consider the current state-of-the-art in the field as well as looking forward to new developments, including future facilities, new techniques and applications.


  • X-ray pulsations
  • X-ray bursts and burst oscillations
  • QPOs and their origin
  • Accretion-driven variability: from observations to GRMHD simulations
  • X-ray reverberation mapping
  • Multi-wavelength variability
  • New X-ray timing missions
  • Techniques and wider applications


From 21 until 25 October 2019


Amsterdam, precise location will be announced soon.


Registration for the conference will open in March 2019.  We expect participation to be limited to 120 attendees, so please register promptly once registration is opened.

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Tomaso Belloni (INAF-OAB)
  • Chris Done (Durham)
  • Chryssa Kouveliotou (GWU)
  • Mariano Mendez (Groningen)
  • Sara Motta (Oxford)
  • Luigi Stella (INAF-OAR)
  • Abigail Stevens (MSU & UMich)
  • Tod Strohmayer (NASA-GSFC)
  • Phil Uttley (Amsterdam)
  • Anna Watts (Amsterdam)
  • Rudy Wijnands (Amsterdam)

Local Organising Committee

  • Marieke van Doesburgh
  • Susan Franzen
  • Milena Hoekstra
  • Guglielmo Mastroserio
  • Renee Stollery
  • Phil Uttley (Chair)
  • Anna Watts
  • Rudy Wijnands