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Matter inside neutron stars

We investigate neutron star cooling, outbursts, and oscillations. We also use radio pulsars and binary pulsars to probe the fundamentals of space-time and gravity, connecting observational studies and theoretical interpretations.

Thanks to our research we know more about the fundamental interactions of particles, the state of dense matter and the physics of high magnetic fields. In the foreseeable future we hope to use gravitational-wave measurements to reveal how the universe looked in its early days.

Furthermore we want to conduct accurate mass determinations of neutron stars, and finally get the long-sought strict constraints on the neutron star equation of state. At the same time, we will deepen our understanding of the formation and evolution of neutron stars.


Neutron stars, cooling, radio pulsars, binary pulsars, pulsar timing arrays, nano-Hz gravitational-wave background, equation of state


Now: RXTE archive, Swift, Chandra, XMM, LOFAR, WSRT, Arecibo, GBT, large-scale computing

Future: MeerKAT, LOFAR 2.0, SKA, ATHENA

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Published by  Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy

14 August 2017