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Matter near neutron stars and black holes

At API we investigate the strong gravity and the fundamental nature of space-time. We analyse gravitationally captured, luminous material flowing onto neutron stars and black holes. We use X-ray timing of Galactic X-ray binaries.

Our research has broadened to the field of spectral timing, and to super massive black holes in active galactic nuclei. We use novel techniques that allow better views of the various components of the inner flow. Among the important phenomena being elucidated are the drivers of quasi-periodic oscillations. In the coming decade, the capabilities of new instruments will probe the effects of strong gravity near stellar-mass and super massive compact objects much more precisely. With the help of increasingly high-quality theory and via numerical simulations, we will connect the more powerful observations directly to their prime causes.


Neutron stars, Black holes, AGN, MHD, X-ray timing, Galactic X-ray binaries, Magnetic gating, ICSO, Lense-Thirring effect


Now: RXTE archive, Swift, AstroSAT, XMM, large-scale computing


Leading Scientists


  • prof. dr. M.B.M. (Michiel) van der Klis | T: 0205257498

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Published by  Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy

2 October 2017