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A week before each stargazing event, a link to the registration page will be available below. Unless the stargazing evening is in English, the registration is in Dutch, as well.Be advised that registration requests per email will not be validated.

The next stargazing event at API will be on February 23. Professor Lex Kaper will give a lecture about telescopes, after which there will be astro cafe and we will open the domes for stargazing or, in case of bad weather, guided tours.

The Friday before the event around 15:00, we will place a registration link on this page. This is an automated process, if the link is not there on Friday February 15, the evening is fully booked already.

Tour through the domes: PhD student Jakob explains the inner workings of the telescopes.

Published by  Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy

9 February 2018