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Chemical enrichment in galaxies

Detail Summary
Date 6 November 2019
Time 11:00 - 12:00
Amanda Karakas
Amanda Karakas (Monash University)

The chemical evolution of the Universe is governed by the nucleosynthesis contribution from stars, which in turn is determined primarily by the initial stellar mass. In this talk I will highlight key outstanding questions related to stellar nucleosynthesis and chemical enrichment. I will then discuss new results from three separate but related projects: 1) the nucleosynthesis contribution from hypernovae at the earliest times; and 2) the chemical evolution of the heaviest elements, which requires low-mass evolved giant stars, colliding neutron stars and perhaps other exotic scenarios such as magneto rotationally induced supernovae in order to explain all elements; and finally 3) very metal-rich stellar models and their implications for the chemical evolution of galaxies in the distant future.