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Remote Sensing of Alien Worlds: Characterizing Exoplanets from the Ground and from Space

Detail Summary
Date 19 February 2020
Time 11:00 -12:00
Ray Jayawardhana
Ray Jayawardhana

Searches for exoplanets have revealed a remarkable diversity of worlds, and comparative studies of their properties have begun in earnest. I will discuss recent results using Kepler data as well as ground-based observations, with a particular focus on high-resolution spectroscopy, which, combined with the Doppler cross-correlation technique, is emerging as a powerful probe of exoplanet atmospheres. I will report on our wide-ranging observational program targeting Jovian-mass worlds, sub-Saturns and super-Earths using a suite of frontline instruments in the optical as well as the near-infrared, and preview planned observations using the James Webb Space Telescope.