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Shadows of Two Colours

Event details of Amaury Triaud (University of Birmingham)
Date 13 January 2021
Time 11:00 -12:00
Amaury Triaud

Circumbinary planets are planets that orbit both stars of a binary star system. Long imagined by science-fiction, theoretical work informs us that circumbinary planets should be hard to form and therefore rare. Yet, early discoveries with the Kepler spacecraft are consistent with a population that might be as frequent as planets orbiting single stars.

The BEBOP radial velocity survey for circumbinary planets is taking place with the HARPS and SOPHIE spectrographs. BEBOP's goal is to identify new circumbinary planet, measure their physical properties and estimate their occurence rate in order to learn more about the process behind planet assembly and planet orbital migration.  In the talk I will show mid-term results of the survey.