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Special event for the full lunar eclipse. We will open our doors from 21:30 until 0:30.

Detail Summary
Date 27 July 2018
Time 21:30 - 23:59
The full lunar eclipse of 2015

On July 27 there will be a full lunar eclipse. The earth passes between the sun and the moon, blocking the sunlight from reaching the moon, rendering the latter blood red. The moon will rise around 21:30, already fully eclipsed, and we will slowly see it become lighter and lighter. During the eclipse there will be lectures and workshops and tours through our star domes. If the weather is good, we will observe the eclipse with the naked eye and telescopes. If the weather is bad, we will project a livestream on a big screen.

Registration for this event is not required.

Location: Science Park 904. The telescopes will be on the field outside the FNWI building and the other activities will be inside.