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Dr. Emily Petroff and Dr. Alexander Mushtukov have both been awarded a Veni grant to continue their research at the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy.

The Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Dutch Organization for Scientific Research, NWO), has awarded a 250.000 euro Veni grant to five scientists at Dutch universities, amongst whom Dr. Emily Petroff and Dr. Alexander Mushtukov of the Anton Pannekoek Institute. In the next three years, they will be able to use this grant to further their own research ideas. In total, 154 promising young scientists were awarded this grant.

Alexander Mushtukov. Photo: UvA

The subjects of Mushtukov and Petroff's research are:

The Brightest Neutron Stars in the Universe

(Alexander Mushtukov)

Pulsating ultra-luminous X-ray sources are the brightest neutron stars in the Universe. Investigating the nature of these objects researchers will shed light on physics of radiation and matter interaction under conditions of extreme magnetic fields and temperatures.

Astronomy’s newest mystery: fast radio bursts

(Emily Petroff)

Fast radio bursts are short powerful radio pulses from other galaxies. They release more energy in 1 millisecond than the sun does in a day, but their origins are still a mystery. This project will study a large sample of bursts to uncover the sources and the physics driving them.

Emily Petroff. Photo: UvA