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Future of X-ray Timing

On the occasion of the retirement of Prof. Michiel van der Klis, we organised a conference to explore and celebrate the field to which he has dedicated his career: X-ray timing studies of compact objects. Conference date: 21- 25 October 2019

Conference themes

  • X-ray pulsations
  • X-ray bursts and burst oscillations
  • QPOs and their origin
  • Accretion-driven variability: from observations to GRMHD simulations
  • X-ray reverberation mapping
  • Multi-wavelength variability
  • New X-ray timing missions
  • Techniques and wider applications

Confirmed invited speakers and talk topics:

• Diego Altamirano (Univ. of Southampton) - Opening talk and retrospective
• Dipankar Bhattacharya (IUCAA) - Results on compact objects from ASTROSAT
• Matthew Liska (CfA) - GPU simulations of accretion flows and their variability
• Slavko Bogdanov (Columbia Univ.) - Measuring the neutron star equation of state with NICER
• Ed Cackett (Wayne State Univ.) - X-ray reverberation mapping across the mass and accretion rate scale
• Piergiorgio Casella (INAF-OAR) - Multiwavelength variability from X-ray binary jets
• Deepto Chakrabarty (MIT) - NICER studies of accreting neutron stars
• Barbara De Marco (Copernicus Institute) - X-ray spectral-timing of black hole X-ray binaries
• Chris Fragile (College of Charleston) - Variability from GRMHD accretion flows
• Duncan Galloway (Monash Univ.) - X-ray bursts and burst oscillations
• Ersin Gogus (Sabanci Univ.) - Magnetars
• Jeroen Homan (SRON/Eureka Scientific) - NICER studies of accreting black holes
• Daniela Huppenkothen (Univ. of Washington) - Bayesian and machine learning approaches to variability
• Adam Ingram (Univ. of Oxford) - Low frequency QPOs and their origin
• Gianluca Israel (INAF-OAR) - Pulsating ultraluminous X-ray sources
• Sharon Morsink (Univ. of Alberta) - Modelling spacetimes around neutron stars: impact on EOS inference
• Alessandro Patruno (Leiden Univ.) - Accreting and transitional millisecond pulsars
• Simone Scaringi (Texas Tech) - Timing beyond the power spectrum
• Alexander Tchekhovskoy (Northwestern Univ.) - High dynamic-range GRMHD simulations of accretion flows and jets
• Alexandra Veledina (NORDITA) - Multiwavelength variability from X-ray binary accretion flows
• Colleen Wilson-Hodge (NASA-MSFC) - The STROBE-X mission
• Shuang-Nan Zhang (IHEP) - The Insight and eXTP missions

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Tomaso Belloni (INAF-OAB)
  • Chris Done (Durham)
  • Chryssa Kouveliotou (GWU)
  • Mariano Mendez (Groningen)
  • Sara Motta (Oxford)
  • Luigi Stella (INAF-OAR)
  • Abigail Stevens (MSU & UMich)
  • Tod Strohmayer (NASA-GSFC)
  • Phil Uttley (Amsterdam)
  • Anna Watts (Amsterdam)
  • Rudy Wijnands (Amsterdam)

Local Organising Committee

  • Marieke van Doesburgh
  • Susan Franzen
  • Milena Hoekstra
  • Guglielmo Mastroserio
  • Phil Uttley (Chair)
  • Anna Watts
  • Rudy Wijnands
FoXT conference photo 1
FoXT conference photo 1
FoXT conference photo 2
FoXT conference photo 2

The final program and participant list can be downloaded now.  Besides the contributed talks, there is a comprehensive programme of invited review talks by the speakers listed below.