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Results: 41 - 60 of 97
Results: 41 - 60 of 97
  • Kulkarni
    Shrinivas Kulkarni appointed Physics and Astronomy Visiting Professor
    28 May 2019
    In the context of the Visiting Professorship program of the institutes of Physics and Astronomy of the UvA and the VU, Prof. Shrinivas Kulkarni will visit Amsterdam for two months starting on the 15th of May 2019. ...
  • The participants of the Dutch final of FameLab 2019, with in the middle UvA astronomer Athira Menon, winner of both the audience award and jury award.
    UvA astronomer Athira Menon wins Dutch final of FameLab
    14 May 2019
    Postdoc Athira Menon of the UvA Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy won the Dutch final of FameLab on 9 May. FameLab is a pitch competition for young researchers, in which they have only three minutes to explain ...
  • V404 Cygni with jet
    Spinning black hole drives swinging light-speed plasma jets into space
    29 Apr 2019
    A black hole in a binary system almost 8000 light-years from earth has been discovered to show rapidly swinging jets in new research involving the University of Amsterdam’s Professor Sera Markoff and Dr. Thomas ...
  • R.A.M.J. Wijers
    Ralph Wijers selected as new member of KNAW
    26 Apr 2019
    The KNAW (Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie van Wetenschappen, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) has selected nineteen new members, among whom one of whom is Professor Ralph Wijers, director of the Anton ...
  • Event Horizon Telescope
    Astronomers capture first image of a black hole
    10 Apr 2019
    For the first time, astronomers have managed to take a photo of a supermassive black hole and its shadow. They used the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), a worldwide network of eight radio telescopes, that together form ...
  • Zakya Kafafi
    Zakya Kafafi appointed Physics & Astronomy Visiting Professor
    25 Mar 2019
    In the context of the Visiting Professorship program of the institutes of Physics and Astronomy of the UvA and the VU, Prof. Zakya Kafafi (Lehigh University) will visit Amsterdam for different periods in 2019, ...
  • Athira Menon and Paris Asif are the winners of the Amsterdam final of FameLab 2019.
    Athira Menon and Paris Asif win FameLab Amsterdam
    18 Mar 2019
    Astronomer Athira Menon is one of the two winners of the local final of FameLab, held on 13 March. She will represent our university at the national FameLab final in Utrecht on 9 May. The second winner is Paris Asif ...
  • Stellar winds of old stars reveal existence of partner
    25 Feb 2019
    An international team of astronomers, including Alex de Koter (UvA and KU Leuven) and Rens Waters (UvA and SRON), has dethroned twelve red giants that seemed to be losing a record amount of mass. The stars in ...
  • Prof Marta Volonteri, Anton Pannekoek Instituut
    Marta Volonteri, professor by special appointment of Black Hole Formation and Growth
    30 Jan 2019
    Dr M. Volonteri (1974) has been named professor by special appointment of Black Hole Formation and Growth at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Science. The chair was established on behalf of the Bèta ...
  • False-colour Chandra image of 30 Dor C
    Do superbubbles accelerate atoms to very high energies? Perhaps, but they surely accelerate electrons!
    25 Jan 2019
    An international team of scientists, including Jacco Vink from the University of Amsterdam, has used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory – one of the most sophisticated X-ray observatories built to date – to reveal how ...
  • Artistieke weergave van een exploderende ster met gammaflits
    Emergent cosmic explosion exposed
    18 Jan 2019
    An international team of astronomers, including researchers at the University of Amsterdam, have managed to track the onset of a gamma-ray burst. An hour and a half after the gamma-ray burst was detected on 5 ...
  • Illustration of the newly discovered black hole MAXI J1820+070. The black hole attracts material from its companion in an accration disk. On top of the disk is an area with subatomic particles we call the corona.
    NASA’s NICER Mission Maps ‘Light Echoes’ of New Black Hole
    16 Jan 2019
    Scientists, among whom Phil Uttley of the University of Amsterdam, have charted the environment surrounding a stellar-mass black hole that is 10 times the mass of the Sun using NASA’s Neutron star Interior ...
  • Famelab web 2018
    FameLab: Pitch your research!
    10 Jan 2019
    Are you a PhD student or postdoc, between 21 - 40 years old, and would you like to learn how to explain your research to a general public ... in just three minutes? Join FameLab!
  • Prestigious Armenian astronomy prize for Ed van den Heuvel
    7 Jan 2019
    Astronomer Ed van den Heuvel, emeritus professor at the University of Amsterdam, has been awarded the '2018 Viktor Ambartsumian International Science Prize'. He received the prize together with the Russian ...
  • Physics Projectruimte grants for Nissanke, Woutersen and Bonn
    21 Dec 2018
    The board of NWO Domain Science (ENW) has granted funding for ten proposals in the Physics Projectruimte. Of the ten granted proposals, two were submitted by UvA scientists.
  • Artists impression of the helium halo around exoplanet HAT-P-11b
    Gas halo shows how exoplanets are slowly losing their atmospheres
    10 Dec 2018
    Two teams of astronomers, amongst whom Lorenzo Pino from the University of Amsterdam, have discovered how hot gas giant planets are shrouded in large halos of tenuous helium gas, suggesting that they are slowly ...
  • IAU astroEDU is an open-access platform for peer-reviewed astronomy education activities
    API Astronomer featured on IAU astroEDU, One of The World's Most Inspiring Education Innovations
    7 Nov 2018
    HundrED selects IAU astroEDU (featuring API researcher Tom Russell) as a top 100 education innovation from across the world.
  • Ewine_van _Dishoeck_Credit_Henrik_Sandsjo
    Building stars, planets and the ingredients for life in space
    30 Oct 2018
    On Friday, 2 November Ewine van Dishoeck will give a special public lecture at our faculty. Van Dishoeck is President of the International Astronomical Union, winner of the Kavli prize 2018, and is currently the most ...
  • Light from the slowest pulsar ever reaching the LOFAR array
    Super slow pulsar defies theory
    23 Oct 2018
    An international team of astronomers has discovered the slowest-spinning radio pulsar yet known. The neutron star spins around only once every 23.5 seconds and is a challenge for theory to explain. The researchers, ...
  • Dark matter
    A new era in the quest for dark matter
    4 Oct 2018
    Since the 1970s, astronomers and physicists have been gathering evidence for the presence in the universe of dark matter: a mysterious substance that manifests itself through its gravitational pull. However, despite ...