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Activiteiten voor Scholen

Helaas kunnen we door het coronavirus momenteel geen klassen ontvangen. Schoolklassen kunnen wel virtueel een wetenschapper op bezoek krijgen, vooralsnog helaas alleen in het Engels. Dit zijn de biografieën van de wetenschappers die hieraan meedoen.

Portret van Hinna


I am a second year master’s student at University of Amsterdam, studying Astronomy and Astrophysics. I am currently working on my master’s thesis which focuses on multi-wavelength observations of transients that are possible follow-up of gravitational wave events. My goal is to be able to characterize these transients as either a supernova or a kilonova, using the data obtained. My interests include, but are not limited to, observational astronomy, multi-wavelength astronomy, high-energy phenomena, and compact objects. I have had experiences with operating telescopes for both research and outreach purposes. I have also volunteered at several outreach events aimed at people of all age groups.

Portret van Krishna


My father used to have a book called "Surya Siddhanta" written by the Indian astronomer Varahamithra in which he decoded the physics and working of the Sun and other celestial bodies. During my childhood, he introduced me to these mesmerizing findings and continued to explain some fascinating discoveries. This incident sparked an interest in me towards Astronomy and Natural Sciences. Studying Astronomy and Astrophysics was intriguing to me not because they were appealing to fantasies, but they challenged the amount of physics I could understand.

After high school, I chose the stream of bachelor’s in engineering physics due to my interest in both applied and theoretical sciences. I have represented Cygnus, The Physics Association of NIT Calicut and worked as an executive committee member to conduct workshops, events, and remedial classes for freshmen and sophomore students which strengthened my teaching skills. I have also worked as an organizing committee member of Cosmic Light: Workshop on Introduction to Astronomy and Post Processing Techniques in Astrophotography.

One of my personal experiences was, there was this time in my high school when India was able to observe partial solar eclipse and a meteor shower the following week. My school was not able to arrange an observation session because none of my teachers were experienced in Astronomy and therefore were unable to arrange a Skywatch session. But there was a nearby school which did, and I heard from my friends how amazing it was. Since then, I knew that primary and high school students would love to have such fun activities related to Physics and Astronomy and that’s the reason why I am willing to help as much as I can for this outreach programme.