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The multi-wavelength properties of large scale AGN jets

Event details of Matteo Lucchini
Date 26 October 2017
Time 12:00 -13:00
Organised by Matteo Lucchini
Matteo Lucchini

One of the most outstanding results of the Chandra X-ray Observatory was the discovery that AGN jets are bright X-ray emitters on very large scales, up to hundreds of kpc. Despite a wealth of data gathered over the past 18 years, the mechanisms behind the multi-wavelength emission of these sources is still poorly understood, particularly the X-ray emission of powerful quasar jets. The two main mechanisms proposed invoke either inverse Compton scattering of CMB photons, or a non-standard synchrotron model; each predicts very different jet properties on large scales, but for years observations were unable to discriminate between these two scenarios. I will discuss the key properties of large scale AGN jets and present recent studies which are finally able to distinguish between the two models. While the available data is still rather limited, some trends are finally suggesting that the relatively simple models proposed so far are not fully capturing the physics of these sources.