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Event details of Maria Arias
Date 7 December 2017
Time 12:00 -13:00
Organised by Maria Arias
Maria Arias

A Cassiopeia A (Cas A) is one of the best studied supernova remnants (SNRs) in our galaxy, and has been extensively imaged and monitored since its discovery in 1948. In this talk, I will go through some general aspects of the evolution of SNRs, and discuss some particularities of Cas A. I will present some important results in SNR research that were obtained by studying this source, such as light echoes, or the mapping of radioactive elements with a long half-life. Finally, I will discuss my own work, which probes the cold, unshocked ejecta interior to Cas A's reverse shock through low frequency absorption using LOFAR Low Band Antenna (LBA) images.