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Prof. dr. T. (Teije) de Jong

Faculty of Science
Anton Pannekoek Institute of Astronomy

Visiting address
  • Science Park 904
  • Room number: C4.128
Postal address
  • Postbus 94249
    1090 GE Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Publications





    • de Jong, T. (2013). Astronomical fine-tuning of the chronology of the Hammurabi age. Jaarbericht van het Vooraziatisch-Egyptisch Genootschap "Ex Oriente Lux", 44, 147-167. [details]



    • de Jong, T. (2016). Babylonian Astronomy 1880-1950: The Players and the Field. In A. Jones, C. Proust, & J. M. Steele (Eds.), A Mathematician’s Journeys: Otto Neugebauer and Modern Transformations of Ancient Science (pp. 265-302). (Archimedes; Vol. 45). Cham: Springer. [details]


    • Ruggles, C., Kochhar, R., Il-Seong, N., Belmonte, J., Corbin, B., de Jong, T., Norris, R., Pigatto, L., Soma, M., Sterken, C., & Xiaochun, S. (2012). Commission 41: History of astronomy: triennial report, International Astronomical Union. Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, 7(T28A), 394-397. [details]


    • de Jong, T. (2011). In Memoriam John Phillips Britton. Aestimatio, 7, 250-257. [details]


    • de Jong, T. (2017). Further Astronomical Fine-tuning of the Old Assyrian and Old Babylonian Chronologies. Jaarbericht van het Vooraziatisch-Egyptisch Genootschap "Ex Oriente Lux", 46, 127-143. [details]
    • de Jong, T. (2017). On the Origin of the Lunar and Solar Periods in Babylonian Lunar Theory. In J. M. Steele, & M. Ossendrijver (Eds.), Studies on the Ancient Exact Sciences in Honour of Lis Brack-Bernsen (pp. 105-126). Berlin: Edition Topoi. [details]



    • Il-Seong, N., Ruggles, C., Gurshtein, A., DeVorkin, D., de Jong, T., Kochhar, R., ... Warner, B. (2010). Commission 41: History of astronomy. Transactions of the International Astronomical Union, Series B, 27, 263-266. [details]
    • de Jong, T., & Foertmeyer, V. (2010). A new look at the Venus observations of Ammisaduqa: traces of the Santorini eruption in the atmosphere of Babylon? Jaarbericht van het Vooraziatisch-Egyptisch Genootschap "Ex Oriente Lux", 42, 141-158. [details]


    • de Jong, T. (participant) (13-1-2018). La Stèle de la Tempête - Révélations sur lÉxodus et les Plaies dÉgypte (other).
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  • Ancillary activities
    No known ancillary activities