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Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy

Research groups
The astronomy research at the institute is organised in five research groups that explore topics like: exoplanets, stellar populations, black holes and neutron stars.
Research in astronomy
At our institute we focus on specific techniques and objects that we deem to be promising avenues for finding answers to the big questions.
Conferences in astronomy in 2019
In 2019 a broad range in conferences in astronomy are going to be held
Master Physics & Astronomy
The University of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam joined forces in a 2-year English Masters in Physics & Astronomy.
Astronomy news More news
Athira Menon and Paris Asif win FameLab Amsterdam
18 March 2019
Astronomer Athira Menon is one of the two winners of the local final of FameLab, held on 13 March. She will represent our university at the national FameLab final in Utrecht on 9 May. The second winner is Paris Asif ...
Stellar winds of old stars reveal existence of partner
25 February 2019
An international team of astronomers, including Alex de Koter (UvA and KU Leuven) and Rens Waters (UvA and SRON), has dethroned twelve red giants that seemed to be losing a record amount of mass. The stars in ...
Marta Volonteri, professor by special appointment of Black Hole Formation and Growth
30 January 2019
Dr M. Volonteri (1974) has been named professor by special appointment of Black Hole Formation and Growth at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Science. The chair was established on behalf of the Bèta ...
Stargazing activities
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