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At API we are working to develop a safe environment for members and visitors and where diversity can grow to be one of our strengths. We certainly hope you won’t experience any social issues at API, but if you do, you should feel free and safe in reporting them. We are here to support you and take complaints seriously. We hope to resolve issues internally, but depending on the situation, existing UvA complaint infrastructure described below may be the best course.

University of Amsterdam resources

Several options exist within the UvA to report undesirable situations. Who to report this to depends on the circumstances (see this webpage for more information).

  • The ombudsperson is he person to contact if you experience structural problems and / or abuses at the UvA
  • The confidential advisor for students or for staff is whom to contact if you have experienced undesirable behavior (such as bullying, intimidation, violence, discrimination)

If you wish to formally lodge a complaint, the UvA offers a suitable platform. Three categories exist: 

  • Complaints;

  • Objections (to a decision made by the Executive Board) ;

  • Appeal (to a decision taken by an examiner or Examinations Board). 

The last two categories have a deadline of 6 weeks. More detailed information may be found here. The same page also outlines the steps that need to be taken to concretely file your report. 

In addition, the UvA offers a range of support for both students and staff included but not limited to issues around 

  • Mental, physical health

  • Academic integrity

  • Disabilities, physical and learning

  • Financial difficulties

  • Structural injustices

API support

At API, we realise that the current reporting channels offered by the University may be intimidating. We are not formally trained as confidential advisors, but there are several people you can go to for advice or just to discuss anything that might be bothering you.
For more information please see this overview