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We often work together with other astronomers in the Netherlands to, for example, design and build instruments and telescopes.

GRavitation and AstroParticle Physics Amsterdam (GRAPPA)

The GRAPPA-collaboration unites astronomy, theoretical physics, particle physics and cosmology. GRAPPA focuses on the nature of dark matter, and on the origin of cosmic rays and gamma rays. The Anton Pannekoek Institute provides the understanding of source physics and astronomical data. The researchers in GRAPPA are based at UvA, Nikhef, SRON, CWI and SurfSARA.

Are We Alone? (AWA)

With SRON and Earth scientists at the Vrije Universiteit we founded the 'Are We Alone?'-project. We study the Earth and Earth-like planets in other planetarysystems to better understand our origin and our place in the universe. We work in a number of areas, including making models of planetary atmospheres based on observations. The project is in line with questions from the Dutch National Research Agenda and with the international strategic roadmap ASTRONET.

Kaustubh Hakim checking the samples
Part of the AWA research is performed at the VU campus.

Instrument development

The scientists of the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy are involved in the design and development of new instruments and telescopes. We collaborate with members of the NOVA Optical/Infrared group, and of ASTRON and SRON. In recent years we have been involved in the development of: UVES and X-Shooter, EHT, CTA, AARTFAAC/DRAGNET, SPHERE/ZIMPOL, Rapid Response Mode and LOFAR.