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Results: 1 - 20 of 119
  • Sera Markoff
    Professor Sera Markoff named member of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities
    26 Feb 2021
    Professor Sera Markoff of the Anton Pannekoek Institute (API) and Gravitation and AstroParticle Physics Amsterdam (GRAPPA), of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), has been appointed as a new member of the Royal ...
  • A blue irregular nebula (resembling a bird) around a star-forming disk
    Flying on planet-forming wings
    22 Feb 2021
    Appearing as a bird in flight, with wings outstretched in the expanse of space, SU Aur, a star much younger and more massive than the Sun, is surrounded by a giant planet-forming disc. This image, captured by the ...
  • Historic black hole more massive than previously thought
    18 Feb 2021
    The mass of the well-known stellar black hole Cygnus X-1 turns out to be not 15, but 21 solar masses. This new finding was found through new observations by a team including astronomers at the University of ...
  • Blog: Life in the universe
    12 Feb 2021
    A few weeks ago we hosted an online astronomy event aimed at children. As part of this, we also ran a “draw your own alien” competition. Congratulations to our 3 winners Nathan, Tom and Dila (Figure 1).
  • Marie Curie Fellowships for seven UvA researchers
    11 Feb 2021
    Seven talented UvA researchers have been awarded Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships by the European Commission. The amount awarded per fellowship ranges from around €175,000 to €280,000 euros per ...
  • Carsten Dominik
    Carsten Dominik new director of Anton Pannekoek Institute
    27 Jan 2021
    Professor Carsten Dominik has taken over from Professor Ralph Wijers as director of the Anton Pannekoek Institute (API) with effect from 1 January 2021. The API is celebrating the handover with a private virtual ...
  • A schematic view of the vortex around the possible exoplanet-in-the-making around the star HD 163296 . The bright yellow spot in the upper right indicates an area of warm dust and pebbles where a planet is likely to be formed. (c) J. Varga et al. A schematic view of the vortex around the possible exoplanet-in-the-making around the star HD 163296 . The bright yellow spot in the upper right indicates an area of warm dust and pebbles where a planet is likely being formed. (c) J. Varga et al.
    Astronomers see whirlwind around possible exoplanet-in-the-making
    22 Jan 2021
    An international team of astronomers, among whom professor Michiel Hogerheijde of the University of Amsterdam and Sterrewacht Leiden, has discovered a whirlwind of dust and pebbles in orbit around a young star. It is ...
  • The two scenarios for the formation of binary stars with a short orbital period. Above the interaction with residual material from the formation process. Below the interaction with a third star. Credit: MPIA graphics department
    Massive binary stars approach each other rapidly soon after birth
    20 Jan 2021
    A team of astronomers, including UvA researchers Frank Backs and Hanneke Poorta, has discovered that massive stars that orbit a common centre of mass are born in wide orbits, but within a million years they quickly ...
  • Black hole. Image: Event Horizon Telescope
    Royal Astronomical Society awarded team behind black hole image
    13 Jan 2021
    The Event Horizon Telescope collaboration has received the 2021 Royal Astronomical Society Group Achievement Award. In April 2019, this team, which includes Sera Markoff and Oliver Porth from the University of ...
  • Portrait of Anna Watts
    Professor Anna Watts Receives Mid-Career Prize from the American Astronomical Society
    13 Jan 2021
    Anna Watts is a professor of astrophysics at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). She has been awarded the Mid-Career prize from the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomy Society for her research ...
  • A group of three girls with diy-spectroscopes
    Blog: Astronomy Resources for Kids
    13 Jan 2021
    This month’s blog is dedicated to astronomy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) resources for kids in preparation for our kids’ astronomy event on January 22nd at 5pm. Recently, it has been ...
  • Three images of the exoplanet DH Tau b (always lower left). (c) ESO/VLT/SPHERE/Van Holstein et al.
    Astronomers finally measure polarized light from exoplanet
    13 Jan 2021
    An international team led by Dutch astronomers has, after years of searching and defying the boundaries of a telescope, for the first time directly captured polarized light from an exoplanet. They can deduct from the ...
  • Scientists present vision for today’s challenges
    17 Dec 2020
    The sectors of environmental sciences, astronomy, biology and pharmaceutical sciences present a joint vision to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science today, entitled 'Voor een sterker fundament'. In their ...
  • A group of people on the roof at the Anton Pannekoek Institute during one of the Altair events.
    NWO (The Dutch Research Council) Diversity Initiative Award for Sera Markoff, NWO Communication Award presented to IAU100 outreach project
    3 Dec 2020
    Altair, a project launched by Amsterdam-based astronomer Sera Markoff, has been awarded the NWO Diversity Initiative Award. The project introduces primary school children to astronomy and physics. The Diversity ...
  • Composite image of the Geminids, copyright Antoni Cladera
    Blog: The Geminids
    30 Nov 2020
    Every year in mid-December, one of the most major annual meteor showers is displayed in the sky above. During the peak of the Geminids, over 100 meteors can be seen per hour (given ideal observing conditions). The ...
  • The Dutch Black Hole Consortium receives €4.9 million in funding from the National Science Agenda
    25 Nov 2020
    The Dutch Black Hole Consortium (DBHC), which includes several UvA researchers, has been awarded a grant of € 4.9 million by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) as part of the National Science Agenda. This new ...
  • Artist's conception of a magnetar with the 4 different telescopes that were used to observe it.
    Fast radio bursts likely to be caused by magnetars
    16 Nov 2020
    ​By studying the site of a spectacular stellar explosion seen in April 2020, a team of scientists including many from the Anton Pannekoek Institute of the University of Amsterdam have used four European radio ...
  • Eva Laplace wins communication prize for software that shows life cycle of stars
    11 Nov 2020
    PhD candidate Eva Laplace of the Anton Pannekoek Institute will receive the ET Outreach Award of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities. She is awarded the communication prize for her project that ...
  • Antonija Oklopčić awarded veni grant
    6 Nov 2020
    25 researchers from the UvA, among whom Antonija Oklopčić of the Anton Pannekoek Institute, have been awarded Veni grants from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The grants amount to a ...
  • Blog: Interference in astronomy
    30 Oct 2020
    Living in a big city like Amsterdam, even if there is a night with perfect weather conditions, light pollution limits the display above. I have been lucky enough to travel to the middle of the desert in Arizona, ...