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PhD and Postdoc Council

The API PhD/Postdoc Council represents the API PhD and PD community and translates their input into API operations and generates feedback into the Faculty of Science PhD Council, which represents PhD candidates at the Faculty level.

Policies, Values, and Mandate

The API PhD-PD Council is created for two main purposes.

First, it will function as the official channel of communication between PhDs and PDs at API and the other FNWI councils, the institute staff, institute director and faculty dean. This will allow us to address concerns in a systematic manner.

Second, the Council will act as a formal hive-mind of information relevant for API PhDs and PDs. This includes maintaining an archive of important information, and communicating about faculty-wide events. 

The Council comprises five roles.

  • The PhD Representative will attend API staff meetings every month to raise issues from API PhDs, and be the primary contact person for API PhDs.
  • The PD Representative will do the same for API PDs.
  • The Inter-Council Liaison will represent API at the larger FNWI PhD-PD Council, and be the contact person between our Councils and other institute Councils.
  • The Chairperson will arrange meetings (both for the Council and for PhDs+PDs with the Council), be a point of contact for the wider community and chair the  meetings.
  • The secretary will prepare the agenda for meetings and compile the minutes.

The council shall meet the institute director every two weeks to discuss matters of importance for the community.


I am a second year PhD student at API working on X-ray observations of galaxy clusters. I work with Dr. Michael Wise and Dr. Aurora Simionescu (SRON). I am currently the chair of the PhD-PD council and a member of the Equity and Inclusion committee. Come and say hi to me in my office C4.128! 


I am a part-time Veni Fellow at API working on fast radio bursts and radio telescopes. I work in the groups of Dr. Joeri van Leeuwen and Dr. Jason Hessels. I am currently the Secretary of the PhD-PD council. I’m currently working remotely from Canada, but I’m always available over email or Slack to discuss anything and everything!


Ms A.R. (Annelotte) Derkink

Faculty of Science

Anton Pannekoek Institute of Astronomy

Dr. rer. nat. C. (Christian) Ginski

Faculty of Science

Anton Pannekoek Institute of Astronomy