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Dr. J.C.J. (Jan) van Roestel

Faculty of Science
Anton Pannekoek Institute of Astronomy

Visiting address
  • Science Park 904
  • Room number: C4.139
Postal address
  • Postbus 94249
    1090 GE Amsterdam
  • Publications


    • Amaro-Seoane, P., Andrews, J., Arca Sedda, M., Askar, A., Baghi, Q., Balasov, R., Groot, P., Korol, V., Nelemans, G., Temmink, K., Toonen, S., van Roestel, J., Volonteri, M., de Mink, S. E., Nissanke, S., Portegies Zwart, S., & LISA (2023). Astrophysics with the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna. Living Reviews in Relativity, 26, Article 2. [details]
    • Bellm, E. C., Wang, Y., van Roestel, J., Phillipson, R. A., Coughlin, M. W., Tomsick, J. A., Groom, S. L., Healy, B., Purdum, J., Rusholme, B., Sollerman, J., Bealo, P., Lora, S., Muyllaert, E., Peretto, I., & Schwendeman, E. J. (2023). An Optically Discovered Outburst from XTE J1859+226. Astrophysical Journal, 956(1), Article 21. [details]
    • Bolin, B. T., Fremling, C., Noll, K. S., van Roestel, J., Delbo, M., Gimeno, G., Heo, J-E., Lisse, C. M., & Suh, H. (2023). Keck, gemini, and palomar 200-inch visible photometry of red and very-red neptunian trojans. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Letters, 521(1), L29-L33.
    • Brown, A. J., Parsons, S. G., van Roestel, J., Rebassa-Mansergas, A., Breedt, E., Dhillon, V. S., Dyer, M. J., Green, M. J., Kerry, P., Littlefair, S. P., Marsh, T. R., Munday, J., Pelisoli, I., Sahman, D. I., & Wild, J. F. (2023). Photometric follow-up of 43 new eclipsing white dwarf plus main-sequence binaries from the ZTF survey. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 521(2), 1880-1896.
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    • Caiazzo, I., Burdge, K. B., Tremblay, P.-E., Fuller, J., Ferrario, L., Gänsicke, B. T., Hermes, J. J., Heyl, J., Kawka, A., Kulkarni, S. R., Marsh, T. R., Mróz, P., Prince, T. A., Richer, H. B., Rodriguez, A. C., van Roestel, J., Vanderbosch, Z. P., Vennes, S., Wickramasinghe, D., ... Sahman, D. I. (2023). A rotating white dwarf shows different compositions on its opposite faces. Nature, 620(7972), 61-66. [details]
    • El-Badry, K., Burdge, K. B., van Roestel, J., & Rodriguez, A. C. (2023). A transiting brown dwarf in a 2 hour orbit. Open Journal of Astrophysics, 6. [details]
    • Gao, Y., van Roestel, J., Green, M. J., Fuller, J., & Toonen, S. (2023). Observable tertiary tides in TIC242132789. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Letters.
    • Hammerstein, E., van Velzen, S., Gezari, S., Cenko, S. B., Yao, Y., Ward, C., Frederick, S., Villanueva, N., Somalwar, J. J., Graham, M. J., Kulkarni, S. R., Stern, D., Andreoni, I., Bellm, E. C., Dekany, R., Dhawan, S., Drake, A. J., Fremling, C., Gatkine, P., ... Yan, L. (2023). The final season reimagined: 30 Tidal disruption events from the ZTF-I survey. Astrophysical Journal, 942(1), 9.
    • Hillenbrand, L. A., Carvalho, A., van Roestel, J., & De, K. (2023). RNO 54: A Previously Unappreciated FU Ori Star. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 958(2), Article L27. [details]
    • Miller, D. R., Caiazzo, I., Heyl, J., Richer, H. B., El-Badry, K., Rodriguez, A. C., Vanderbosch, Z. P., & van Roestel, J. (2023). An Extremely Massive White Dwarf Escaped from the Hyades Star Cluster. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 956(2), Article L41. [details]
    • Nagarajan, P., El-Badry, K., Rodriguez, A. C., van Roestel, J., & Roulston, B. (2023). Correction to: Spectroscopic follow-up of black hole and neutron star candidates in ellipsoidal variables from Gaia DR3. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 525(2), 2053-2053.
    • Nagarajan, P., El-Badry, K., Rodriguez, A. C., van Roestel, J., & Roulston, B. (2023). Spectroscopic follow-up of black hole and neutron star candidates in ellipsoidal variables from Gaia DR3. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 524(3), Article 4367-4383. [details]
    • Rodriguez, A. C., Galiullin, I., Gilfanov, M., Kulkarni, S. R., Khamitov, I., Bikmaev, I., van Roestel, J., Yungelson, L., El-Badry, K., Sunayev, R., Prince, T. A., Buntov, M., Caiazzo, I., Drake, A., Gorbachev, M., Graham, M. J., Gumerov, R., Irtuganov, E., Laher, R. R., ... Vanderbosch, Z. P. (2023). SRGeJ045359.9+622444: A 55 Minute Period Eclipsing AM Canum Venaticorum Star Discovered from a Joint SRG/eROSITA + ZTF Search. Astrophysical Journal, 954(1), Article 63. [details]
    • Rodriguez, A. C., Kulkarni, S. R., Prince, T. A., Szkody, P., Burdge, K. B., Caiazzo, I., van Roestel, J., Vanderbosch, Z. P., El-Badry, K., Bellm, E. C., Gänsicke, B. T., Graham, M. J., Mahabal, A. A., Masci, F. J., Mróz, P., Riddle, R., & Rusholme, B. (2023). Discovery of Two Polars from a Crossmatch of ZTF and the SRG/eFEDS X-Ray Catalog. Astrophysical Journal, 945(2), Article 141. [details]
    • Yan, L., Kangas, T., Lunnan, R., Schulze, S., Sollerman, J., Perley, D. A., Taggart, K., Hinds, K. R., Gal-Yam, A., Andreoni, I., Bellm, E., Bloom, J. S., Burdge, K., Burgos, A., Cook, D., Dahiwale, A., De, K., Dekany, R., Dugas, A., ... Yaron, O. (2023). The hydrogen-poor superluminous supernovae from the Zwicky Transient Facility Phase I survey. I. light curves and measurements. Astrophysical Journal, 943(1), 41.



    • Healy, B. F., Coughlin, M. W., Mahabal, A. A., Jegou du Laz, T., Drake, A., Graham, M. J., Hillenbrand, L. A., van Roestel, J., Szkody, P., Zielske, L., Guiga, M., Hassan, M., Hughes, J. L., Nir, G., Parikh, S., Park, S., Purohit, P., Rebbapragada, U., Reed, D., … Smith, R. (4-2024). The data for "The ZTF Source Classification Project: III. A Catalog of Variable Sources". Zenodo.
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  • Ancillary activities
    No ancillary activities